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Hi i'm Tracy Hutchin.Myself and my husband Mark are based in a village on the outskirts of Spalding, Lincolnshire. We have owned cats for a number of years and breed persian/exotics using KatyKaye and Heathrose lines.

We are very greatful to both breeders for entrusting us with their outstanding pedigree's.

I am a hobbyist breeder and only let my babies go to vetted "ForeverPet" homes.

In both the persians and exotics we offer excellent pedigree lines along with lovely temperaments.

All my cat's are pkd negative and we are Gccf registered.

Lavandou is a closed stud cattery.

I hope you enjoy your visit to lavandou and if you are interested in a baby for the future Enquiries are always welcome via Email lavandouexotics@yahoo.co.uk telling us as much information about yourself, home, lifestyle etc

Find Us On Instgram @lavandouexotics

Many Thanks Tracy


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